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Test de placement pour le cours

Bienvenue sur test de placement pour le cours à Bards language school.


Merci de lire notre guide avant commencer le test. (Recharger la page à lire à nouveau.)

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Prénom et Nom Email
1. Kate ______ from Germany
2. What's ______ name?
3. Mark ______ in London.
4. Where ______?
5. I ______ rain.
6. Sabine doesn't like ______ in the morning.
7. Aristide can't ______ very well.
8. What ______ at the moment?
9. Sandro is interested ______ art.
10. A dog is an animal ______ walks on four legs.
11. What ______? It looks delicious.
12. Sophia is ______ person I've ever met.
13. ______ meet Adrienne for lunch tomorrow.
14. That's the guy ______ uncle lives next door to me.
15. I ______ a really funny YouTube video when you called me.
16. I'm afraid I can't meet you tomorrow. ______ lunch with an old friend.
17. We need to hurry up. We have ______ time.
18. "______ sushi?" "Yes, many times."
19. Would you mind ______ me a little later?
20. Can you tell me where ______ last night?
21. When ______ here, I'll tell you everything.
22. If I ______ you, I'd go to bed early tonight.
23. It's the end of the match! Germany ______ the World Cup!
24. Michel works for Total and ______.
25. What ______ if you won the lottery?
26. I regret ______ the purple dress.
27. Where would you live if you ______ to live anywhere?
28. I wish I ______ so many problems right now.
29. If only Martin ______ to my party tonight!
30. We should ______ that he wouldn't come to the party.
31. The side mirror of my car is broken. I need to ______. Do you know a good mechanic?
32. Aline isn't picking up her phone. She could ______.
33. Edmond told me that ______ for over an hour.
34. If I ______ about your problem, I would have tried to help you.
35. I'd rather you ______ me every five minutes!
36. By this time next year, ______ a new car.
37. Our next lesson is ______ Thursday.
38. Marie-Ann ______ 12 years old.
39. I ______ home at 6 o'clock every day.
40. Jean usually ______ shopping on Saturdays.
41. I always ______ TV in the evening.
42. Pierre never ______ the dishes after dinner.
43. I never ______ rock music
44. I always ______ sightseeing when I travel.
45. What clothes do you ______ at work?
46. "Can you pass the salt?" RESPONSE: "______."
47. Can you give me a ______ to the station?
48. "Would you like a dessert?" "No thanks. Just the ______, please"
49. I can't hear anything. It's too quiet. Can you ______ the volume?
50. I went to the bakery to buy a ______ of bread.
51. You look different today. Have you ______ your hair?
52. Can you ______ me your dictionary? I'll give it back to you later.
53. Jacques has made a lot of money this year. He can ______ a luxury holiday.
54. When Roger found out that his wife was using his credit card again, he started to see ______.
55. Luc _______ stealing the car radio, but nobody believed him.
56. It looked like a very interesting job, so I decided to ______ for it.
57. During the meeting, Serge argued that we need to hire more staff in order to develop the business. He made a good ______.
58. We couldn't see the sun. The sky was completely ______.
59. The police arrested Louis for ______. He was caught with a stolen television.
60. I was over the ______ when I found out that I'd passed the English exam.