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How to improve your English!

How to improve Your English

There is a lot you can do to improve your English

Improve your English in 5 easy ways

If you’ve been learning English for a while but you’re not improving as quickly as you want, our guide on ‘How to improve your English’ will help!

There is a lot you can do to improve your English:

(1) Understand how French and English are different
(2) Make English interesting
(3) Understand how you learn English
(4) Pretend to be English
(5) Start being English

So, how to improve your English!

1. Understand how French and English are different.

chips and chips

English and French are different

We all know that the spelling of words is different, and the way those words are pronounced, and you probably know that the grammar is different too. But there are a number of very important differences between English and French that are often overlooked and yet are critical to learning English.

Firstly, French is a syllable timed language and English is a stress timed language … read more


2. Make English interesting

Make English interesting

Ooh, what’s that over there?

Here is the most important fact about learning: To make English interesting you must make it relevant to your life. You should learn a language to use it, not just to pass a test.

If you make it relevant to your life you make English interesting which means you will probably keep learning.

The longer you learn, the more you learn. It’s that simple! read more


You don't need to be taught English grammar

When you didn’t know – or care – what grammar was 🙂

3. Understand how you learn English

If you want to know how you learn English, first think about how you learned your first language.

Do you remember that?

Well, it probably seems like a long time ago, so here’s a recap;

You spent a lot of time listening to other people talking, and copying what they said and trying to put all those words into social situations read more


Pretend to be English

We don’t recommend reading a dictionary. Only use a dictionary when you have to 🙂

4. Pretend to be English

It’s difficult to speak English if you don’t have anything to say in English.

So it’s time to pretend to be English!

It may sound strange, but pretending is what you do when you learn anything new. You don’t know exactly what you’re doing, but it looks or sounds something like the things that you’re pretending to do! read more


Start being English

Do everything you do in France in English!

5. Start being English

You may wonder why ‘Start being English’ is at the end …

Well, it’s because ‘starting’ is often the last thing most people do – and some never start.

The reason most people never start is because online tests them a level (A2 or B1 or B2 – see our guide to language levels here) and they’re happy with that!

Don’t be one of those people! Why? read more


Please note: If your language lessons focus on things you can study at home on your own, stop going to those lessons! Your teacher should only be teaching/showing you things that you can’t do on your own!
If you want to see our videos on basic mistakes in English – which are things you can study on your own at home – please visit our YouTube channel here